Today on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, I’m waiting for the results back from a heart test.  I had a heart scare a little over a year ago, so a follow-up echocardiogram was in order.


The test is non-invasive and uses sound waves to take moving pictures of your heart.   It allows the doctor to see images of all chambers of your beating heart and observe the valves in action. It primarily allows him/her to find abnormalities and blockages to your heart function.


The weirdest thing about it is that you can hear your heart beating and your blood swooshing loudly from the monitor as it captures the images.


It struck me as I lay on that table that our life and mortality are all wrapped up in the functioning of that incredible little organ beating inside our bodies.  It caused me to pause in awe and reverence, and posed a stark reminder of how precious and fragile we all are.


As that heart is the pump of our bodies, it is also the place from which we emanate warmth, empathy, and kinship to others.  It is our center, the core from which we are all connected in this fragile existence we call life.  It is no accident that we refer to our heart when we connect with others.


So on this occasion of Valentine’s Day, I challenge you to a heart test of your own.  Not an echocardiogram, but a cardio-selfgram of questions to ask yourself. 


Take some images of your own heart.  Is it blocked?


Do you express warmth and appreciation to others regularly?

Are you harboring resentment and anger?

Do you notice the commonalities you have with others, or focus on the differences?

Do you allow people to be imperfect and cherish them anyway?

Do you allow yourself to be imperfect and cherish yourself anyway?

Do you start from a place of openness and acceptance or judgment?

Are you afraid of rejection and constantly looking for validation?

Do you tell people what they mean to you?

Are you feeling connected?


Take a look at the images you find. 

What needs to be cleared? 

What changes must you make to keep your heart open and emanating its magnificent radiance?


Happy Valentine’s Day from my heart to yours.