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Podcast: Power Presence Academy: Practical Wisdom
for Leaders

This is the go-to podcast for all things leadership. If you are looking for a reality check, career advice, a new perspective, or some creative inspiration as you lead towards the future, this show has you covered. Join Janet Ioli, the President of Power Presence Academy and sought after coach to global executives as she talks to rockstar executives at the top of their game about their lessons of experience. Janet will also share practical tips and provocative ideas to help you succeed where you are right now while you shape and change the leadership story in organizations everywhere. This show is for leaders ready to step up and lead the future.

Books and Resources


Spend 21 days becoming more grounded, confident, and aligned with your deeper values.

This book shows you how. Order your copy now!

“A large audience, from those already familiar with new age self-help routines to aspiring and successful businesswomen, needs this message and its exceptionally clear steps that promise to lead to success.” Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

 “In this volume, Ioli presents a different model for approaching life, focused on intentionality, exuberance, curiosity, and, above all, self-care. Interweaving autobiography with practical advice, she provides a functional toolkit for implementing real change in her readers’ lives through practices like writing, visualization, and creating a personal manifesto.
Ioli has years of experience in leadership and executive coaching, and her background is evident in the clarity and compelling nature of the writing in this volume. Her advice is valuable because it is concrete. Rather than abstract concepts and ideas, Ioli offers step-by-step instructions that literally walk readers along the path to self-transformation. In addition to providing a clear road map for initiating change, this volume also uses personal narrative to both engage readers and illustrate the ideas being discussed. The result is a text that is enjoyable as well as transformative. There are so few self-help texts that give women permission to put themselves first and trust their instincts about who they want to be. Ioli not only grants that permission but shows how it can lead to real and meaningful change for the better.” – ©2020 All Rights Reserved * The US Review of Books

Do you want unshakeable confidence?

Find out how to be unshakeable, unstoppable, and unforgettable…

Order your copy now!

It is an exciting time for women.

We have an opportunity as never before to stand up and reject outdated models of power and show up in the world differently. We have an opportunity to demonstrate what a truly powerful presence looks and feels like when we are around it.

  • This presence is not insecure, egocentric, domineering, fearful, or competitive.
  •  It does not seek to conquer, control, and be seen.
  • It is not sourced from scarcity or from winning and losing.

Instead, this presence seeks to understand, accept, lift, and unite. It is grounded in a secure, non-egocentric place that is not fragile or easily derailed by fear of its loss.

You can’t lose it—because the source of this power is limitless and always accessible if you simply know how to tap into it and let it flow.

A truly powerful presence can only be accessed by grounded, empowering thought habits that provide continuous, clear, and luminous action energy. Power Presence is not dependent on outside validation, the situation, or who is in the room. It already resides deep within you, and is always there for you to access.

Drawing on nearly two decades of working with powerful women as an executive coach, Janet Ioli presents 10 power presence mantras that will help you transform disempowering thoughts and beliefs. Your own mind becomes your power portal, you feel grounded and more confident in any situation, you connect with others more easily, and your defensiveness and insecurities begin to disappear. These powerful thoughts become your beliefs, and when combined with consistent, decisive, and intentional action, help you show up in any situation with…
true Power Presence.

You will be… Unshakeable Unstoppable And… Unforgettable.

This is a quick read and the perfect gift for all the women in your life!  (Although men will find it applies to them too!)

Newly released and available now!

Are you seeking to really increase employee engagement in your organization? “The CURE” is a must read for all leaders and HR professionals in organizations everywhere!

What it takes to be a great leader is not a mystery and most leaders can recite the skills and competencies needed for success. What constitutes great leadership might be common sense, but in our organizations, institutions, and world today, it is not common practice.

THE CURE is not just another book about how to manage or how to lead. THE CURE satirizes the effect leaders who don’t role model, practice, and embody basic leadership behaviors have on the organizations and institutions they lead. It’s an invitation for leaders everywhere to learn or re-visit, apply, and really embody the behaviors necessary to overcome the five ailments that plague organizations everywhere. “YOU are THE CURE!”

Praise for “The Cure”

“The Cure” is brilliantly written with clear insights into organizational behavior and root causes and clearly highlights what engages and disengages employees. “The Cure” is an excellent book for all leaders, and focuses on self-awareness and how a leader’s behavior impacts teams and the symptoms that we must look for that a change in direction is required. It highlights where leaders sometimes fix the wrong problem and where we should really be focusing. It is a very easy and fascinating read. I read it over a weekend, and I will be referring to it going forward many times.”

“No matter what area you work in, this book will help you make a difference as a leader. It is written in a simple, straight-forward and heart-warming tone that can be read by all. The tips provided in the “Treatment Applications” are very useful and logical. There are many real-life examples that you can relate to. This book is worth your time.”

“For those of you who want to boost engagement ratings with your employees and teams, this book is a MUST HAVE. It is written in a voice that the reader can speak and relate to, and formatted so the reader can quickly and easily pick up valuable content that can be immediately applied in their organizations. There isn’t another book out there that competes with the exceptional brilliance of this author’s work. Clearly, it deserves 5 stars in every category: organization and structure, informative content, real world application, credibility and authenticity, and overall value!

“Janet Ioli has great insights and meaningful examples in this book. She describes in a very creative way, common organizational ailments, identifies symptoms and provides a leadership remedy and treatment plan for each ailment in this well organized and easy to read book. It is not a book on leadership theory –it is full of useful and practical information. I highly recommend it!”

What Does She Eat?

Maintaining a healthy diet and fitness program is a key component to your overall wellness. Your personal wellness has a big impact on your energy and ultimately your presence. In this short e-book, 12 women age 49+ share their diet and exercise secrets.


The 2021 Power Presence Practices Calendar/Journal for Women is now available!

These beautiful, inspiring calendar/journal notebooks are available in limited quantities and sell out every year.

They are hand illustrated and include a power practice for each month, as well as lined note pages so you can carry it with you to your meetings and travels.  It is the perfect tool to keep you inspired to step into your most powerful presence. 

It is also the PERFECT holiday or “just because” gift for every woman colleague at work or for all the other special women in your life.