Leadership Development

If you are looking to up your leadership game and become an extraordinary leader of the future, you must condition yourself like an athlete. Strong leadership muscles are built over time.  The type of conditioning you need to lead the future may not be what you are doing now, regardless of your current success.. This  intense regime starts from the inside out first, reprogramming your mindset and then learning to connect with and bring out the best in others.


Are you fit to lead the future?

Fit to Lead Program

Discover “Fit to Lead”, an exclusive group program designed to empower and equip leaders with the mindset and tools to navigate today’s complex challenges with grace and authenticity. 

Over three months of bi-weekly immersive virtual sessions, you will join a small group of high-performing leaders to embark on a journey of self discovery and transformation. This  unique leadership fitness program will  help you build the necessary muscles needed to reach a new level of performance. 

Janet Ioli leads this one-of-a kind program. It includes a unique blend of interactive content discussions, group coaching, and practical application.  

You will emerge ready to fill our global leadership gap with extraordinary presence, impact,  and purpose.  you will learn to lead with less ego and more soul.

What is included in the content of the program?

  • An intense journey of self-reflection, including exploration of early conditioning and unconscious programs and wounds running behind the scenes..
  • Emotional intelligence and tools for emotional regulation
  • Cultivating humility and authentic connection
  • Building trust and fostering meaningful relationships among teams
  • Practicing active listening and empathetic communication
  • Connecting personal purpose with organizational mission
  • Creating a leadership legacy: leaving a positive impact on others and the world

How do I participate in this program?

Bring “Fit to Lead” to your organization

  • This program can be custom delivered for up to 24 of your organization’s leaders.
  • Contact us for more information

Apply for the annual public offering

  • One exclusive public offering of this program will be open annually the last quarter of each year beginning in 2024. 
  • Contact us for more information and to be placed on a waiting list for this exclusive opportunity.

Janet creates an environment in the classroom like no-one I have ever seen. Her keen intellect and warm, welcoming manner places people at ease and maximizes mutual learning at all levels. Our executives that have had Janet as their professor in our Executive Development Programs consistently use one word to describe the results of her work—“transforming”

Dr. Patrick Malone Director of Key Executive Leadership Programs, American University

Janet was responsible for building and delivering the first program for Senior Executives TASC ever had. I would highly recommend her and would utilize her skills again without hesitation.

Bill Varner Vice-President Intelligence Operations (TASC)

Janet has tremendous business acumen. She is one of those rare professionals that engages through a fearless lens of transparency to facilitate awareness and motivation for change. Her capacity to develop relationships makes you fully confident that she has extended due diligence in understanding your unique challenges; and, with her decades of experience you feel she’s been there as well. Never have I had a more impactful targeted executive experience, as my opportunity to gain insight from Janet Ioli!

Dr. Sylisa Lambert Woodard CEO, Pathway Homes

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Janet for over 20 years. She is at the top of her game…a true professional. Janet excels at executive coaching, leadership development, talent assessment and strategic planning.
Janet is a trusted advisor who delivers outstanding results. I highly recommend Janet!

Phil DeCocco Global VP Human Resources, Mini Circuits

I had the pleasure of working with Janet several years ago and continue to rely on the skills she
taught me during our sessions. She operates as a true partner – helping her clients to not just decipher
but to optimize their individual leadership traits in order to positively impact their respective business environments. She masterfully balances the more academic elements of coaching and leadership “best practices” with the respective needs of the client, driving a lot of outcome-focused self-discovery. I recommend Janet without hesitation…and with some jealousy for those of you who will get to experience her coaching in the future.

Matt McQueen Chief Communications & Engagement Officer, Peraton

Are you fit to lead the future?