We help you create your most
powerful leadership presence ever​

Your presence as a leader matters.

The ability to influence, motivate, and bring out the best in people is not a “soft” nice-to-have leadership skill, but a necessary prerequisite. Learning to embody a leadership presence that is attuned to and focused on people requires self-awareness and self-monitoring, emotional & interpersonal intelligence, and an understanding of basic human motivation and development. To do this, a fundamental mindset shift must take place. We help leaders build their people leadership muscles and embody a leadership presence that operates with less ego and more soul.

Part of this leadership presence comes from moving away from a reactive mode and defensive, proving posture. We help leaders show up with grounded, impactful self-confidence regardless of the circumstance or who is in the room.

Power Presence Strategy Day

This exclusive, one-on-one, high-demand offering allows you roll to up your sleeves and map out an immediate concrete strategy to create your most powerful presence.
  • Get feedback on your how you currently show up in the 5 portals of Power Presence, and assess what you want to amplify, adjust, work on, or let go of
  • Create a clear vision of your what your unique Power Presence looks, thinks, feels, and acts like
  • Create a tangible roadmap of the actions to take to get you there

1 DAY; 1:1 Intensive

Power Presence Image Makeover

Are you ready to:

  • Spruce up or change your image?
  • Show up more confident, credible, & charismatic and have more influence?
  • Look & feel your best?

This focused one on one session will help you revamp and amp up your image from the inside out. You will learn how to:

  • Take command of your thoughts and show up unshakeable
  • Be more charismatic, empathetic, and present
  • Be more intentional about the impression you make
  • Look & feel your best
  • Clearly articulate what you contribute without coming across as arrogant

You will walk away with a clear & concrete definition of the image you want to convey as a leader and the changes to make to get you there.

1 DAY; 1:1 Intensive

Can be provided as a small group workshop in your organization upon request.

Programs & Resources for Women Leaders

Women leaders have the opportunity to influence, shape, and change outdated norms and cultures at a systemic level.
We create unique programs and resources specifically designed for women leaders that go beyond offering tips and techniques to navigate current systems. 
We help you:
  • Establish credibility and influence.
  • Learn to show up with a grounded, non-defensive, and proactive leadership presence.  
  • Harness the power of your presence to boldly envision and lead positive change.
  • Create a life and career infused with meaning and purpose.


These programs are presented in a unique, dynamic, interactive virtual format. They are customizable for your organization.

Power Leadership Presence for Women

You are a high-achiever but feel like you are continuously reacting to your environment, have become dependent on validation from others to notice the value of your contributions, and are being pulled from all directions.

This program helps you set a clear vision of the leader you want to be, let go of thoughts and habits that keep you in a reactive cycle, and condition your mind to harness your most powerful self. You will train yourself to stop reacting to your environment and show up grounded, confident, and creative regardless of the situation and who is in the room.

The consistent feedback from the participants of this program is that it is a life-altering game-changer.

Power Presence for Women

Soul Search Sessions : Life & Career Reinvention :

You have achieved the title and the success, but are left feeling tired, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled. You feel like you are constantly striving to meet the expectations others have set for you, are now coming up short, but aren’t sure how to change it. This program offers the opportunity for some deeper soul searching re-evaluation about who you are, what is really most important to you, and how to reinvent your life and career to live in greater alignment. This program is transformational for those who are ready to make significant changes.

It is also particularly meaningful and applicable for people experiencing a major transition in their lives such as a job or career change, a loss or divorce, or retirement from a career.

Customizable Workshop Topics and Keynotes to Support Women Leaders:

  • Self-Confidence Bootcamp: Move Beyond Imposter Syndrome & Self-Doubt
  • Introduction to Women & Leadership: Challenges & Opportunities
  • Leadership Presence
  • Credibility & Influence
  • Network for Impact
  • Lead with Less EGO, More SOUL