Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

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A 2-minute Executive Coaching Primer

Whether you are the CEO or a senior executive in your own business, a large corporation, or a non-profit organization, your effectiveness leading people will be a key determinant of your overall success.

As you scale into leadership roles with more complexity and scope, the skills you relied on to get you to these roles are not necessarily the skills that will ensure your current success.

  • How do you make the leadership transition and rise to the leadership demands that are required for you to be successful now?
  • What behaviors do you need to adapt and what behaviors do you need to let go of to increase your effectiveness?
  • How will you know?

Executive coaching can help you deeply examine yourself and your leadership style, gather feedback about the impact of your behaviors, and analyze the current beliefs, perspective, and assumptions you bring to the role.

It can help you make the key leadership transition needed to move from simply reacting to your circumstances and environment with habits to being more deliberate and intentional about your behaviors and actions as a leader.

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching is dedicated, individualized, focused attention on your leadership development with a highly trained and experienced coach who has an extensive background in leadership and leadership development.

What can you expect from an Executive Coaching engagement?

  • Honest and direct feedback.
  • A champion and sounding board.
  • A highly competent and trusted confidante who will be straight and up front with you, adjust to your pace and development needs, ask you the tough questions, and challenge your assumptions.
  • A coach who has deep experience in not only coaching, but in leadership and human development, business, and as a leader leading inside complex organizations.
  • Real progress in your personal development as a leader.

How does it work?

You work with your coach to determine a specific development goal, carve out regular, dedicated time over six months to a year to focus your attention on it, and have an experienced coach help you analyze your actions, provide you with objective feedback and reflective questions, and practice.

You get straight and honest feedback about how you’re doing and are challenged to make changes with real impact. All the while you have a champion rooting for you, believing in you, and helping you self-reflect and make adjustments. The development progress depends on you— you have to do the real work. Your commitment, self-reflection, willingness to leave your comfort zone, and intentional practice of new behaviors are ultimately what will determine your success. Your coach is your partner along the way helping you focus and explore new ways of looking at and maximizing your ultimate impact.

What is the process?

After an introductory orientation meeting, your executive coach will gather and provide you with feedback from various sources in your organization and assessment tools as needed. With this data as a backdrop, you will meet with your executive coach to debrief the feedback, set an actionable development goal, and create a focused action plan to work on for the course of the coaching engagement. You will meet with your executive coach bi-weekly to help you self-reflect, challenge your own assumptions, explore different perspectives, determine your actions, and discuss progress. Towards the end of the engagement, your coach will re-solicit feedback on the impact of your efforts and help you explore ways to maintain continual progress and impact.

How is my executive coaching approach different?

My real, extensive business experience working as a leader and with executives in large organizations brings a practical, action and results-oriented approach to my work with you. I understand first-hand the complexities, realities, and even the organizational politics or cultural nuances you may be facing, and factor all those things in as we work together. This pragmatic business lens blends with my deep education and background in leadership development, change, adult learning, organizational development, psychology, and neuroscience to offer a unique perspective of how to navigate large systems with greater influence.

I focus on helping you step away from and observe the larger systems you are operating in and learn to be more intentional in your daily interactions, rather than merely react to the circumstances you find yourself in or the events you experience. Learning to consistently observe and make changes in your own mindset, perspective, and assumptions is a fundamental part of the coaching experience.

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