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3 Simple Habits to Adopt for Complex Times

How often do you feel like you are “over your head?”

Do you often feel like you are no longer in control and spend your day reacting and searching for answers that you and no-one else seems to have?

If you’re like most of the leaders I encounter, this is a common yet often secret lament.  The complexity of our environments and the people in them seem to be beyond what is familiar and what we have handled in the past, regardless of the amount of experience or knowledge we have.  We find ourselves being more and more reactive and even more directive than we like to be, just to feel a semblance of control.

In this episode of “Ask Janet”, I recommend a short yet profound book co-authored by a leading thinker in the human and leadership development field.  She and her co-author offer some simple habits that although seem simple or we think we already do, when practiced can have profound impact on the influence we exert as leaders.

Sometimes letting go of the need to have the answers and the need to be in control is counterintuitive but are just what will give us that greater sense of control we seek…

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