Many of my clients, especially women, confess to constantly comparing themselves to others and feeling inadequate in comparison, despite their own achievements.  It is as if a standards game is being played– with the comparison producing a winner and a loser.  This tendency to compare ourselves to others and judge how we measure up against them is a deep and complex topic, and I talk about it in much more depth in my new book for women coming out in March.

In this brief episode of “Ask Janet”, I offer one simple aspect of this comparison game.  I share a personal example of how I stopped playing the comparison game myself at work with one question I asked of myself.

I also offer a twist– one way to use comparison not as a game but as a positive catalyst and fuel for action.

Leave a comment in the comments section with your own experiences with comparison, and tips you have for others.  Or send me a personal note.  I love getting them…




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