Even people who speak in public or give informal talks regularly confess that they often feel uncomfortable or not as effective when they have to speak off-the-cuff in an impromptu manner.  Because we articulate our thoughts when we speak informally, we can have a tendency to ramble without realizing it.

As a listener, you know when your eyes glaze over unintentionally when someone seems to be going on and on.  It causes you to have to listen too hard for the point or the punchline.

Want to ramble less and be more effective speaking extemporaneously, when you haven’t prepared your remarks?

This 4-minute episode of “Ask Janet” offers you one quick tip to improve your speaking skills immediately.  While it may seem simple and even obvious–try doing it.  I’ll bet it has a noticeable impact on your communication skills immediately…


1 Tip to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills Immediately