Listening is one of the most powerful interpersonal skills you can possess.

Are you a good listener?

What I find in my work as an executive coach, is that we often think we are better at this skill than we actually are.

Since we have so much information coming at us, lead busy lives, and are habitually multi-tasking, we develop a short, selective attention span without even realizing it.  The impact on others is greater than we consciously realize…

In this episode of “ASK Janet”, I share with you a case study of a leader who received less than desirable feedback about his own listening skills.  He was pretty perplexed and upset at the data revealing others didn’t see him as good a listener as he saw himself.  This was a major “power buster” in his overall effectiveness as a leader.

I’ll reveal what he did, along with 3 quick and simple tips to improve your listening skills immediately.


Take a pause and think break and click here now to watch   this short episode:  “Thou Shalt Practice Keen Listening Skills”


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