PowerTalks: Wise Words from Wise Women is an interview series where I ask powerful women at the top of their game to share their advice and wisdom with you.

In this 2nd episode of the series, I talk with Colleen Campbell , a communications, marketing, and PR expert and ask her to share her thoughts about how to build your own personal brand—even if the idea of it makes you uncomfortable. Colleen is the corporate Vice-President of Communications & Marketing at Alion Science & Technology corporation, and has 18 years experience working at leading public relations and communications firms. She knows branding!

She offers her advice about why it’s important to build your personal brand, things to consider as you think about what you want to be known for, and what great personal brands have in common. Finally, she shares the secrets to building powerful brand — and how to think about the whole concept of personal branding in a new way.