In this new 2022 episode of PowerTalks: Wise Words from Wise Women , Janet Ioli talks with Shannon O’Meara Smith, the Vice-President and Deputy Chief Marketing Officer at Viasat. Shannon shares her leadership journey from a former military officer and linguist, stints at major defense contractors: Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman, to her current executive role at Viasat, a global telecommunications company. She shares her secret to success and offers a unique perspective on why the notion of “imposter syndrome” may not be as pervasive as we think it is.

It’s worth the watch.

Janet started this popular video interview series “PowerTalks: Wise Words from Wise Women” a few years ago to provide a platform for powerhouse executive women to share their lessons of experience and wisdom with each other. Sharing our collective wisdom makes us all more powerful.