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The ability to influence, motivate, and bring out the best in people is not a “soft” nice-to-have leadership skill, but a necessary prerequisite. Learning to embody a leadership presence that is attuned to and focused on people requires self-awareness and self-monitoring, emotional & interpersonal intelligence, and an understanding of basic human motivation and development. To do this, a fundamental mindset shift must take place. We help leaders build their people leadership muscles and embody a leadership presence that operates with less ego and more soul.

Part of this leadership presence comes from moving away from a reactive mode and defensive, proving posture. We help leaders show up with grounded, impactful self-confidence regardless of the circumstance or who is in the room.

We offer programs, group coaching, and training to help you as a leader:

  • Act with intention
  • Establish credibility
  • Lead with confidence
  • Look and feel your best
  • Inspire and influence others
  • Create high-performing teams

Some of the virtual training modules we offer for leaders include:

  • Building Emotional Intelligence
  • Coaching and Developing Your Team
  • Managing Your Energy & Well-Being
  • Self-Confidence Bootcamp: Developing Greater Influence and Impact
  • Power Presence, Influence, & Credibility
  • Leading Change
  • Establishing Psychological Safety
  • Setting the Climate for Innovation
  • Creating Your Personal Leadership Brand
  • Executive Presence
Facilitation Services for Leaders

Facilitation Services for Leaders

  • Leadership team offsite meeting design and facilitation
  • New Team Launch: Team launch meeting to help you build trust, set expectations, and establish rapport with your new team
  • New Leader Jump-Start: A facilitated meeting with your team to introduce your leadership style and enable a quick expectation-setting dialog with your team. This meeting is a best practice to quickly accelerate your assimilation with your new team.

Consulting Services

Drawing on our deep background in leadership development and succession planning and talent management, we can create custom leadership programs, group coaching programs, and provide consultation on the creation of an organizational leadership development strategy.

Speaking Engagements & Keynotes:

Janet Ioli is an inspiring and sought after speaker. She speaks on women’s leadership, well-being and resilience, and women’s empowerment topics. Power Presence for Women is her distinct and memorable keynote.


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Janet Ioli is featured in the press as a contributor to Forbes on leadership and career topics, and in Huffington’s Thrive Global.

Power Presence for Women