When you spend year after year, five to six days a week, eight to ten hours a day doing something, chances are you will glean some pretty significant insights and wisdom from the experience.

I spend my days talking to leaders. As an executive coach, every day brings leadership development conversations with leader after leader, many holding what others would consider pretty powerful positions of authority and responsibility. The focus of the leadership development conversation is unique to each person, yet in many ways remarkably the same: how each of them can be better leaders and show up as competent, compassionate and inspiring to others while creating the future, leading their organizations through complexity and an ever-changing environment and driving for and achieving desired results.

As you might imagine, many of our conversations have similar undertones, and patterns begin to emerge when you talk to so many people striving for the same things. So, what conclusions have I drawn about leadership development from these thousands of hours of coaching? There are too many to write in a short article, but I  sum up four of the most notable ones in my new article for Forbes.  Click on the link below now to read the short article with the 4 insights:

Four Insights on Leadership Development from an Executive Coach




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