It is a pivotal time for women.  It is a time when women are uniting, rising up, speaking out, and making themselves heard as never before.

From women’s marches and women’s movements in the United States and around the world, to 14-year old Malala Yousafza speaking up for women’s education in Pakistan in 2012, something big is bubbling up for women everywhere.

Women are awakening to the power they have to influence change and impact the world.  Following in the footsteps left by trailblazing women before them, they are carrying the torch to redefine outdated stereotypes of what a woman’s role is, what she is capable of, and what she can contribute to society.

For centuries, power has been described as, defined by, and equated to domination and physical strength.  Women too, have played by these unconscious rules of power as they struggled to be more powerful and claim their voices..  Women needed to be just as dominant, just as aggressive, and try just as hard to hold a seat at the power table.

Even female superheroes are portrayed as strong and able to fight aggressors toe-to-toe with the best of them–kicking and fighting to victory to show their power.

In business, women are told to adapt primitive “power poses” akin to gorillas to affect more powerful and aggressive personas.  We are told to “fake it until we make it” in the boardroom or the government, and not to come across as too nice or too soft so we can be more like men in order to be successful.

The time is now for women the world over to move beyond such antiquated notions of power and to reject them.  While dominating others may have been necessary for survival in the distant past, haven’t we evolved to where we no longer need to lead our “prides” to survive by aggression and fear?

-What if the power we need now isn’t based on aggression and domination?

-What if the traditional models of power we have been trying to emulate don’t work for women?

-What if this new power is not egocentric and doesn’t focus on winning or losing, but instead strives to include, collaborate, and unites?

-And what if we already have this “Power Presence” available to us, but just need to access it from a place of greater clarity in our minds?

-What if it is YOU, and what YOU allow your mind to think and believe, that prevents you from accessing and expressing this power fully?

The secret to embodying this new type of power is simple.

Your quest is not to conquer others or to dominate to show how powerful you are.

Instead, you must conquer your own mind and the disempowering thoughts that hold you back and keep you from expressing your most powerful self.

Fear, self-doubt, insecurity, perfectionism, defensiveness, judgment, and attachment to your ego diminish the power of your presence.  When you show up with these disempowering thought patterns running rampant in your mind, you act from a place of protection, reactivity, and a desperate need to control.  No matter how powerful your facade, the source of your power is ungrounded, shaky, and situation dependent.  You must guard it carefully and defend it, because is fragile and always on shaky ground.

When you transform your mind to one with thought patterns that breed openness, courage, confidence, worthiness, curiosity, empathy listening, intentionality, and detachment from a particular outcome–you are more powerful than you can ever imagine.  This power doesn’t come and go because it is permanently rooted to an unshakeable source inside of you.

“Power Presence for Women” is a different kind of book for women.  It doesn’t give you techniques to act like you are powerful.  Instead, it explores ten powerful thought habits for you to learn, practice, and use in place of your old, disempowering thought patterns.  These powerful thoughts, when combined with consistent, decisive, and intentional action help you show up at your most powerful best.

When you begin to believe these thoughts and act from them as your starting point, you will embody — Power Presence.

You will be…


unstoppable, and…