Do you aspire to be more fully present, but find it a challenge to actually do so?


You may try your best to be a better listener, but find yourself talking to someone in your office distractedly thinking about the next meeting on your calendar. You may even acknowledge the person with the words, “I’m listening” as you continue to type on your computer. You divide your attention and half-participate in meetings or events while you think about your to-do list. You look down at your phone while having a meal. And the list goes on…


We tend to take pride in multitasking, yet the problem is… We are never fully present where we are in each moment.  And this distraction prevents us from fully experiencing anything.  It also causes us to miss so much.


What are you missing when you’re scattered, distracted, and never fully present?

In this episode, I talk about the power of being fully present and share: 

  • The true meaning of being fully present
  • A real-life example of how not being present can affect your effectiveness as a leader and as a human being
  • A mantra to use to reground yourself to the present moment when you find yourself becoming distracted   

Power Presence Academy: Practical Wisdom for Leaders is the go-to podcast for anyone who leads. Your host is Janet Ioli, a leadership and human development expert, sought-after coach and advisor to global executives, and former executive with experience in four Fortune 100 companies.


Noteworthy Quotes from This Episode

“Some of us wear it as a badge of honor that we’re able to do all these different things and multitask […].”

“You are the embodiment of every single interaction you’re having.” 

“We talk about having a powerful leadership presence but… It’s not about how you stand. It’s not about how you look. It’s about how you are and how you’re being with others.”

“The reality is that you’re providing an experience of what it’s like to be in your presence to others every single moment.  In every single interaction.”


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