“You are enough. You have what it takes to go do that job, this role, that position. You have all that you need and what you don’t have, you have enough wisdom to go find it.”

In this episode, I talk to Shawn Purvis. She is the Chief Executive Officer of QinetiQ US and has over 25 years of senior leadership experience at major aerospace and defense companies.

You’ll hear Shawn share some of the fundamental lessons she learned throughout her career that are key to becoming a better leader.

Letting go of perfection, owning up to your mistakes, listening to and trusting your team, asking for and accepting help, and continually working to learn and develop yourself and your team are all valuable insights she shares.

In this episode:

  • The importance of leadership development 
  • Enjoying the journey and letting go of perfection
  • “You don’t have to do it all!” Ask for help, receive it and accept it
  • 3 tips to deal with feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy
  • 3 fundamental lessons Shawn learned from one of her biggest mistakes
  • Tapping into your experiences to find your leadership voice 
  • And more!

Power Presence Academy: Practical Wisdom for Leaders is the go-to podcast for anyone who leads. Your host is Janet Ioli, leadership and human development expert, sought-after coach and advisor to global executives, and former executive with experience in four Fortune 100 companies. She helps leaders ground themselves with confidence, connection, and purpose and learn to lead with Less Ego, More Soul.


Noteworthy Quotes from This Episode

“Perfection is unnecessary because you’re always going to learn something new. And that means you’re going to have some challenges along the way.”

“We think that we’ve done it all ourselves, I think it’s important that we say,  I did not do it all, I could not have done this without support.”

“There’s no part of any of this business, even in the role I’m in today, that I could do by myself.”

“You actually don’t have to be the smartest one in the room, you can ask a question  because that’s the expert sitting across from you.”


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