“We are in a moment of transition right now from a business leadership standpoint. I think that the pandemic really shed a light on the importance of the skills and strengths that women leaders tend to have.”

In this power-packed episode, I talk to Julia Boorstin, CNBC’s Senior Media & Technology Reporter and creator of CNBC’s ‘Disruptor 50’.  Julia has over two decades of experience as a business reporter and has interviewed thousands of successful and well-known executives, CEOs, and founders. 

From this experience and exposure, Julia has become a staunch advocate for gender equity in leadership positions.

You’ll hear Julia share her thoughts and research interview findings regarding women in leadership from her new book “When Women Lead: What They Achieve, Why They Succeed, and How We Can Learn from Them”. 

Her interviews highlight the leadership approaches of women founders and what all leaders can learn from them.

In this episode:

  • The winning leadership strategies of women leaders who defy the odds
  • The great challenge of breaking out of the current dominant pattern of leadership
  • The “Great Breakup”: what it is and why it’s happening
  • Ways the systemic issues that prevent gender equity can be addressed
  • Takeaways from interviewing thousands of CEO’s and executives
  • How all leaders can maximize their impact and create a more equitable workplace
  • The skills and strengths  that are key for all leaders in this time of uncertainty
  • And more!

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Noteworthy Quotes from This Episode

“I came to understand [that] growth mindset is this balance between humility and confidence. The humility to understand that you don’t know everything and the confidence to say I can learn it, I can change, I can learn, I can adapt, I can figure out this new industry.”

“Representation matters. Not just for women, not just because we want young women to say, ‘oh, I can be that.’ but for men. Men need to see [that] ‘women are leaders. I should consider the young women who are working for me as future leaders because I see that that’s what women can do.’”

“[We really need] to have a conversation, whether it’s in a startup or corporate America about the value of diversity, the billions of dollars in GDP that are going to be lost if women are not participating in the workforce.”

“The pandemic and where we are right now shed light on the importance of this idea of communal leadership [and] that no one knows all the answers alone in a corner office anymore, because the landscape is so volatile and constantly changing.”


Resource Links:

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