“The world is facing a leadership crisis. We need leaders of greater effectiveness and integrity, mastery and maturity, courage and compassion, competence and character, consciousness and wisdom. 

Our collective welfare organizationally and globally depends on our ability to develop leaders that are up to the challenge of creating a thriving future for everyone.”

Join me and Bob Anderson today in the first episode of a special two-part series as we explore leadership development, intuition, higher levels of consciousness, and what it takes for leaders to thrive and re-invent themselves and their organizations amid volatile, ever-changing conditions.

Bob Anderson has been a pacesetter and thought leader in the field of leadership development for over 30 years. He is the Founder, Chairman, and Chief Knowledge Officer of the Leadership Circle. He is also the co-author of two books, and the creator of the Leadership Circle Profile, a 360 leadership assessment used in organizations around the world.

In this episode:

  • How Bob unearthed the underlying model that integrates all leadership literature
  • Trusting your intuitive downloads
  • Separating your Intuition from your Ego
  • How to tap into your higher consciousness
  • Integral Leadership: the necessary foundational changes for the next generation of leadership
  • And more!


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Noteworthy Quotes from This Episode

“I began to see an integration across the leadership literature. If you look at it at one level, it’s a random collection of really great stuff, research theory, models, and so on, completely unintegrated. And I began to see if you look deeper into it, there’s these different language systems but here’s the underlying metamodel of how it all integrates.”

“The real secret and what I really am interested in now is the essence of the creative process, how creators create things. And a lot of it came from intuition.”

“He’s very precise about the role that intuition plays– the sudden breakthrough and seeing the whole thing all at once. And then sometimes taking years to unpack what you saw in that moment.”

“Ego tends to be the construction of self, ‘how I identify myself’ and we’re way more than that. You can still have a lot of ego and learn how to access intuition only–dissolving or thinning out the ego is another thing altogether.”

“We have to move from this high reactive, high control, top-down, relatively unsafe work environment o a very high creative, purpose-driven form of leadership. We call it reactive to creative and it’s essential.”


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