“There is a source of new knowledge that can help you create and discover solutions to intractable problems that you’re facing personally or in the organization.”

Welcome back to my amazing conversation with Joseph Jarowski, in the final episode of this special two-part series.

Joseph Jaworski has devoted much of his life to exploring the deeper dimensions of transformational leadership. As founder and chairman of both Generon International and the Global Leadership Initiative, Joseph advises CEOs and senior executives in Fortune 500 companies. He is well-known in the field of leadership development and worked with Peter Senge as one of the founders of the Society of Organizational Learning. He is the author of several highly acclaimed books that explore the essence of leadership.

If you are interested and you are serious about being a better leader and a better human, today’s episode will help you on your path as we explore the “Source” of all knowledge  and how to tap into the knowledge that resides in the universe.

In this episode:

  • What the source of new knowledge is
  • How to create the conditions to tap into the “Source”
  • The critical importance of acting swiftly in flow
  • Differentiating between a signal and your own ideas
  • What you should focus on to be a better human and leader
  • And more!

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Noteworthy Quotes from This Episode

“The knowledge that you need to be an excellent leader lies in the implicit order. This is the place where new information lies.”

“You can’t be a disbeliever– you’ve got to believe it completely. This is the way the universe is constructed. This information has to be somewhere. It doesn’t come from your brain. If it did, it would have manifested earlier.”

“You’ve got to train yourself for the awareness enough to receive the signal. That is the first impulse. Because if you don’t recognize that first impulse, your rational mind will take over and change it.”

“These signals that are truly from the source and the implicate order.  There is a rightness to it that is completely different than everything else. The rule is, when you get that first signal,  if there’s doubt, don’t. When in doubt, don’t. You’re messing something up. It’s not a true signal from the source.”

“Focus on love. Love affects everything. Love affects physical reality and once you are able to do this you can radiate love.”


Resource Links:

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  • Erich Fromm’s The Art Of Loving

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