“It is all about being open to where your experiences might take you. I think we all have skills that are transferable. And so you need to open your mind.”

Are you seeking to make a career change, but aren’t sure how to proceed?

In this episode, I talk to Joanne Lipman, best-selling author, speaker, and media executive about the process of reinventing yourself.

A theme in my coaching and advising work with executive clients is a secret desire to find more meaning and fulfillment in their lives.  I often hear confessions of  inner longings to reinvent their working lives and in some cases, to change careers and do something entirely different. Yet that longing is often accompanied by fear and ultimately, dismissal.

I frequently talk about this often unexpressed search for meaning and the desire to do something different. When I stumbled upon Joanne Lipman’s new book Next!: The Power of Reinvention in Life and Work,  I knew I had to invite her to be a guest on the show. 

In this episode full of practical advice, we discuss her research and strategies for those who are looking to make a career change and for what is “next”.

In this episode:

  • The 4 steps to reinventing yourself – search, struggle, stop, and solution
  • Common obstacles that cause people to not reinvent themselves
  • The benefits of reaching out to your wider network
  • The secret to reinventing yourself
  • Common myths people believe about reinventing yourself
  • And more!

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Noteworthy Quotes from This Episode

‘A psychologist asked a group of people that have had an aha moment, “What did you do because of it?”  And a large number of those people made major life changes, including career changes. And when he spoke to them about these aha moments, one common theme among all of those who made a change was that they said, “I opened my mind to it”

“It may feel like everybody else is on a glide path to success and only I am having a hard time. But that’s not true. We all struggle. And we feel like we’re standing still, or that we’re stuck. But we’re not, we are moving forward. So when you find that you have that fear of struggle, the first thing to understand is that it is normal, natural, healthy, and you actually need to go through that. It’s not fun, but it is necessary.” 

“We all have these innate talents that are so natural to us that either we don’t recognize them at all., or if we do recognize them, we tend to discount them. Because it’s so easy for us, we feel like it’s not special enough.”

“You are never too old. You’re also never too young, by the way. But I found so many examples of people who were able to pivot, and you can do it at any age.”

“By the time you think that you’re ready for a pivot, you’ve actually done more work than you think. You might think that I’m starting from nothing and I’m starting today from square one, but you’re not.”


Joanne Lipman is a best-selling author and news executive. She has served as editor in chief of USA Today, USA Today Network, Conde Nast portfolio, and the Wall Street Journal’s Weekend Journal.


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Read Joanne’s new book Next!: The Power of Reinvention in Life and Work or find out about more of her work here.

If you want to become more grounded, confident, and aligned with your deeper values in just 21 days. Check out my book Less Ego, More Soul: A Modern Reinvention Guide for Women.

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