“A key thing that I’ve learned along the way is that as leaders, we’re always in the spotlight. And you need to always lead by example.”

In this episode, I talk to Anthony Wysocki. Anthony has over 25 years of service with the US federal government. He currently serves as a director in the Office of the Inspector General in the US Department of Transportation.

I invited him on the show today because he has a unique leadership challenge, and I think it’s an intriguing one. 

Providing an internal oversight audit role, yet maintaining a service and relationship orientation. How do you do that as a leader? I talk to Tony about this challenge in this episode, as well as the personal challenge of neurodiversity awareness in organizations. This is a conversation you won’t want to miss.

In this episode:

  • Anthony’s journey and his role with the Office of Inspector General in the US Department of Transportation
  • What Anthony learned about leadership along his journey
  • Leading by example
  • The importance of building relationships based on trust
  • Leading as a neurodiverse individual 
  • And more!

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Noteworthy Quotes from This Episode

“Being flexible and agile and realizing that you’re not going to control everything, that’s an unrealistic thing, but as long as you keep making forward progress, that’s a great goal.”

“At the end of the day, as a leader, you need to show that optimism because you’re the one that people are looking to help lead the organization through challenges and struggles”

“Through trial and error in early leadership positions, I’ve learned to find that kind of sweet spot of leading and directing and being sufficiently removed, but not too far removed from the work in order to effectively empower teams for success.”

“Building in and making the time to have one on one talks with your managers–To me, that’s a non-discussable thing that everyone should try to do.”

“As a leader, you need to invest time learning what makes people tick, what their strengths and weaknesses are, what type of work they like to do. I feel that as a leader, you won’t be very successful if you don’t build up and support your people.”


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Anthony Wysocki is an energetic, strategic leader skilled in developing and inspiring self-managed teams that engage stakeholders and provide innovative and pragmatic solutions to organizational challenges. He has demonstrated an ability to establish an organizational vision that achieves multi-faceted goals and objectives. He consistently organizes and leads managers of diverse high-performance teams. He has effectively managed the performance of over 100 managers and professionals and contributed to their growth and advancement. 

Anthony is passionate about increased workplace diversity and inclusion through recruitment, hiring, and professional development opportunities that achieve mission results. 

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