“A warrior for the human spirit is the sane human being wanting to serve an insane, inhumane time.”

Welcome back to the rest of my conversation with Dr. Margaret Wheatley. If you missed the last episode where we started our conversation, I really encourage you to go back and listen to it before you start this one.

If you’re not familiar with Dr. Margaret Wheatley, you’re missing out. She is the author of the classic and iconic book “Leadership and the New Science”.  I was exposed to that book early on in my career, and she was one of the first people to tie quantum theory and quantum science to leadership.

In Part 2, we talk about what a warrior for the human spirit is, how you can go about creating meaningful change as a leader, and so much more.

In this episode:

  • Warriors of the human spirit
  • Developing spiritual depth to be in service of others
  • A fundamental flaw in leadership today
  • Focusing on who you are being rather than what you are doing as a leader
  • Advice for leaders wanting to create meaningful change
  • And more!

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Noteworthy Quotes from This Episode

“In order to stay engaged and not get swept up in the increased fear, negativity, and aggression, we have to work on ourselves. But we’re not doing that to become more peaceful people. We’re doing that to become a more peaceful presence for other people.”

“Let’s develop our spiritual depth so that we can use it in the service to others.”

“Our ignorance is boundless. It’s quite a wondrous, full experience when you don’t have to be right.”

“This quest for certainty rather than engagement,

 is the fundamental flaw in leadership these days.”

“One historian who tracked this described it very well and said, there are always only a few people who understand the need for self-sacrifice to preserve community. And they raise the banner of duty and honor against the depravity and despair of their time.”


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Margaret Wheatley has written ten books, including the classic Leadership and the New Science. She received her Doctorate from Harvard University in 1979, an M.A. in Media Ecology from NYU in 1974, and a B.A. from the University of Rochester in 1966. 

Find the two books Margaret mentioned here:

and her other books here

Connect with today’s guest on her website: margaretwheatley.com


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