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E6: 3 Things to Do When You Have a Self-Doubt Attack

Regardless of how confident or accomplished you are, you are not immune to self-doubt.  My most accomplished and senior-level executive clients regularly describe to me the bouts of self-doubt that invade their minds and impact their effectiveness in the moment. Whether you experience it regularly or occasionally, a self-doubt attack can be paralyzing when you have one.  

In this episode I’ll talk about self-doubt and share:

  • My own self-doubt attack experience
  • 3 practical things you can do when a self-doubt attack strikes 

These 3 things I share are simple strategies you can apply immediately the next time your self-doubt is about to get the best of you.

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Noteworthy Quotes from This Episode

“None of us are immune to self-doubt attacks and learning how to persist through it and stay the course is key.”

“A lot of chatter in our heads comes from past conditioning.”

“Remind yourself of the purpose behind what you are doing.”

“Ask yourself what is needed here and act from that place.”

“Separate your purpose  from your ego identity and focus on what you are trying to achieve.”

“When you focus on something bigger than yourself, the focus won’t be on you.”

“Be the tree.”


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