If you’re a leader trying to create a more engaged culture, where there’s a sense of belonging and purpose, then you’re not going to want to miss this episode. My guest today is Claude Silver, the Chief Heart Officer at VaynerMedia. You may recognize VaynerMedia by the name of its owner, Gary Vaynerchuk, known as Gary Vee, a wildly popular entrepreneur and social media influencer regarding topics related to career advice, entrepreneurship, and marketing.

So many of you are constantly creating initiatives to improve company cultures. The common ones are initiatives for diversity, engagement, or leadership.  After listening to this conversation, I’m hoping you’ll take a different look at your tendency to focus on initiatives. Embodiment of some key core values and how everyone is showing up every day is really what creates workplace culture, not just having an initiative to drive it.  Claude is a master at creating that type of culture and that’s what we’re talking about today. Her title of “Chief Heart Officer” is in itself a provocative and definitive message about the culture.. Yet leading with heart does not mean less accountability or the lack of hard, direct conversations.

Claude and I discuss how to lead with heart AND have hard conversations about accountability

In this episode:

  • Creating space for people and a feeling of safety in the workplace
  • Building a culture around humanity and heart
  • Getting leaders in your organization aligned with your vision
  • What does a Chief Heart Officer actually do?
  • Advice for leaders aiming to create a more inclusive workplace
  • Leading with heart does not mean lack of direct feedback or accountability
  • And more!

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Noteworthy Quotes from This Episode

“When I talk about showing up, I’m talking about showing up in your authentic way. I’m not talking about showing up with your Batman cape on. I’m not talking about being someone else. I want you to be you.”

“That’s leadership, leaving someone better than you found them. And being the person that people want in that room. To inspire, to love, to evoke, to hold, to laugh with. No one wants fear. There’s enough fear out there.”

“We want this to be the greatest experience for you. Why wouldn’t we? Don’t we want to retain you? Don’t we want to grow and nurture you? And don’t we want you to then refer your friends here?”

“We’re not that much different. We might have different titles. I might be 30 years older than you. But we have very similar feelings. And we all know what it’s like to feel afraid. And we all know what it’s like to feel upset. And we all know what it’s like to feel joy and happiness. And so the more human you can get, the more real you can get, the better everything is going to be.”

“In my heart of hearts, I want to create a revolution of tenderness in the workplace. Tenderness does not mean entitlement. It doesn’t mean delusion. It means tenderness. It means a softening and an understanding that we are all here in a very challenging time right now for human beings. And we’re doing the best we can.”


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Claude Silver is an emotional optimist, coach, manager, and mentor. As the first ever Chief Heart Officer it is her great honor to lead at VaynerMedia. She works for approximately 2000 humans and is in touch with the heartbeat of every single person in the company. Her role is to infuse the agency with empathy. It’s her purpose. And it’s her joy.

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