“Part of the work of becoming a better leader is doing inner work.”

Since great leadership starts from the inside-out, I have been inviting therapists and mental health experts on the podcast to talk about deeper issues that may impact the way we lead. While building leadership skills and competence is important, how we show up every day is driven largely by factors that are unconscious to us. The more we cultivate greater self-awareness about the drivers that cause us to react defensively or trigger negative emotions, the more we can learn to manage them and lead with greater emotional intelligence. 

In the latest episode, I had the pleasure to interview Mari Grande, a therapist based in New York City who specializes in the “Mother Wound”. Specifically, the early childhood attachment experiences we had with our mother dramatically impacts our relationship behaviors as adults.

Since leadership involves relationships, understanding this unconscious driver can help us as we seek to improve all of our relationships with others.

In this episode:

  • The Mother Wound and how it impacts us
  • Attachment theory and leadership
  • The window of tolerance and your nervous system
  • One thing you can do to help overcome your Mother Wound
  • The Mother Wound and how it manifests in leaders.

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Noteworthy Quotes from This Episode

“The Mother Wound does not just happen to women.”

“Without that strong connection to yourself, it’s really hard to gauge what you need, and what’s important to you.”

“We need to allow some softness, we need to allow some surrender, we need to allow some time and space. Unless we can set aside some time to do this work, it’s not gonna happen.”

“There’s a spoiler alert here and that is that everybody has a mother. There’s no escaping that fact. It’s the degree that it’s impacting your life.”


Resource Links: 

Mari Grande is passionate about working with adults who have experienced a Mother Wound, and offers various online courses that provide guidance, support, and insight through the Overcoming the Mother Wound program.

Overcoming the Mother Wound: A Transformative Journey of Healing and Empowerment by Mari Grande

Connect with today’s guest on LinkedIn: Mari Grande

If you want to become more grounded, confident, and aligned with your deeper values in just 21 days. Check out my book Less Ego, More Soul: A Modern Reinvention Guide for Women.

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