POWER DAY Intensive

Power Day Intensive®

Jump start your success and transformation with a POWER DAY Intensive®.

Spend an entire day strategizing and creating your future. Instead of spreading a coaching engagement out over 6-12 months, spend the day with Janet Ioli as your thought, strategy, and action coach.  Map out your current state, take some assessments and review feedback, do some deep self-reflection about what is important, what you want to create, and who you want to be, and create a vision, strategy, and concrete actions for the future. 

Power Days are for successful people who want to maximize their impact and realize that what has made them successful up until now isn’t enough to create the future they desire.

We will identify what success looks like in the future and how that differs from your current state. 

You will capitalize on your current strengths, access a more grounded and permanent sense of power, transform your thought habits and mindset, and take action to maximize your future impact.

This POWER DAY Intensive® is ideal for leaders transitioning to a new position or wanting to make significant changes in their leadership style, approach, or effectiveness.

It is also perfect for someone seeking a life reinvention or transformation due to a career or life change.

All POWER DAY Intensives are with Janet Ioli.

What clients say about working with Janet

“Janet is an amazing coach. She has an uncanny ability to make you feel heard, appreciated, supported and understood at the same she is challenging and pushing you to question your own self-limiting behaviors and giving you pretty direct feedback. I was operating out of my comfort zone for too long, and Janet’s coaching provided the safe place for a career epiphany. Today I am no longer an HR professional with a VP title, but a true leader as a result.”
Human Resources; Banking industry
“Janet has tremendous business acumen. She is one of those rare professionals that engages through a fearless lens of transparency to facilitate awareness and motivation for change. Her capacity to develop relationships makes you fully confident that she has extended due diligence in understanding your unique challenges; and, with her decades of experience you feel she’s been there as well. Never have I had a more impactful targeted executive experience, as my opportunity to gain insight from Janet Ioli!
Mental Health Industry
Janet helped my personal development and pushed me to assess my interactions with my peers, leaders and direct staff by taking a “mountain-top” view and learning how to look at situations from afar, as a whole system in order to handle them more objectively. This led me to make substantive changes in how I engage with my leaders, peers and staff. Bottom line, she taught me to embrace the new reality and culture I was in instead of fighting it. I am a more effective, inspiring and motivating leader now; I will be forever grateful to Janet for pulling me through the “muck” I was experiencing in my transition.
Program Director
Fortune 200 Defense Contracting Company
"I value every conversation and session. I find I play back her words in difficult situations and I have learned through her coaching how to be a better leader. I am better for having Janet in my life."
Division President
Fortune 200 company