I had the pleasure of celebrating my birthday this year by spending a long weekend in Sedona, Arizona.

You can’t come to Sedona and not marvel in awe at the natural beauty surrounding you on all sides; deep canyons blanketed by green trees and shrubbery and giant red rock mountain formations majestically standing ground reflecting the golden light of the sun rays.

Sedona is also known as a serious energy vortex site, with four major earth energy vortexes said to be found here. People apparently come from all over the world to experience the “swirling earth energy centers” supposedly residing in these designated sites. By visiting a vortex site, proponents claim that you can tap into that swirling vortex energy and gain from its power because it is the same energy that resides inside of humans.

Visiting these vortexes was of course on the top of my exploration list.

My husband articulated aloud to the volunteer at the visitor’s office the practical question most people would have:

“How do you know you are at a vortex? Is there a sign in front of it marking it?”

The attendant had a well-rehearsed answer:

“Everyone asks that question—but there are no markings at a vortex site. When one approaches an area where a vortex is strong, the experience of it is different and personal. You can access the power in your own way…”

So after hiking around all the vortex sites this weekend— I have had my own experience.   The experience of seeking the vortexes actually strongly reaffirms for me something I have always known.

We are constantly seeking a source of power outside of ourselves.

We search for something or someone else to charge us, ignite us, and inspire us.

We long to find it so we can be inspired to act or somehow transformed.

What this trip to Sedona and the vortex search reminds me is that nature has an incredible way of convening with the part inside us that can do that on our own.

The part of us that heals, transforms, and ignites itself.

The incredible power source that is right inside each and every one of us—waiting for us to recognize and use it rather than search for it outside of ourselves.

Standing beside the grand red rocks in Sedona provides a mirror to reflect back our own magnificence. It allows us to be fully present and feel what exists within our own spirit.

We feel our own incredible power.

This trip to Sedona reminded me of Glinda the Good Witch’s comment to Dorothy at the end of “The Wizard Oz”.

“You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.”