Proteus was the ancient Greek god of the sea and rivers who had the capacity to change his form into anything at will.  From Proteus comes the term “protean”, a word we use today to describe something ever-changing, adaptable, flexible, and versatile.

Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychologist, teaches us that mythological figures are merely reflections of types of universal human energies lying within us, which he termed “archetypes.” We are all capable of drawing on these various human energies, as they reside deep within all of us.

One thing you can be sure of in today ‘s world is the ever-shifting, ever-changing, and unpredictable nature of the demands being placed on you as a leader. This state of flux and change is the new reality we live in; the new “normal” as it has been coined.

These times require you to exhibit protean-like qualities and to go with the flow of the waters and change forms as quickly and easily as Proteus did in those ancient myths.

As we encounter the constant change around us, we struggle to keep our heads above water, resisting the river’s surge and fighting against the current, all the while trying to minimize our risk of drowning.

My invitation today is to begin to draw upon the protean qualities within yourself as you struggle with the current. Here are some points of reflection:

What are you holding on to?
What attachments to the current state do you need to let go of?
What are you afraid of losing?
What are you resisting?
What are the new possibilities emerging?
What are you learning?
What do you need to embrace?
What can you do differently?

There is no “tip sheet” or “top ten rules” of how to be more like Proteus. You are the only one who knows how to change shapes with the current.

Will you release that protean energy and give yourself permission to adapt and change?