As you know, I write these weekly blog posts because I have spent my whole life learning about human development, working with real people (and myself) on continuously learning and growing, and am passionate about using what I learn to help people maximize their impact in the world, wherever they are.

I use these brief posts as a vehicle to serve as a reminder and inspiration to us all to step back for a few minutes and self-reflect about what we are learning, the actual impact our behavior is having, and the alignment of our actions with our espoused intentions.

In addition to my weekly blog and contributions to, I am pleased to also be invited to serve an even wider audience and be a regular contributor to Arianna Huffington’s new site focused on Well-Being, Resilience, and Productivity.  My latest post there is one of my popular blog posts from 2013:

Stand Still So You Can Move Forward

I went to my first yoga class over 15 years ago, with the intention of trying something new to reduce the chronic stress I was experiencing. Working as a mid or senior level leader inside large Fortune 200 companies over the years has provided me with my share of 60–80 hour work weeks and the syndrome of never feeling like I could ever “catch up” with all the multiple demands coming at me. Those ever-increasing demands coupled with my default over-achiever personality catapulted me into performance overdrive, and my physical symptoms of blinding headaches and difficulty breathing began pretty early on in my career.

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