Power Presence in Practice

Here you’ll find short videos with practical wisdom and executable tips. They serve to educate, inspire, and remind you to be intentional about creating your most powerful leadership presence.

PowerTalks: Take a Different Career Path

How do you supercharge your career progression? Laura Craft, Senior Vice-President of Global Strategy & Investment ESG at Heitman shares her unique strategy and how to think “differently” in this dynamic episode of PowerTalks: Wise Words from Wise Women. In each monthly PowerTalks episode , Janet Ioli talks with a powerhouse woman leader and has her share her wisdom &

PowerTalks: One Secret to Help You Build a Powerful Network

How did someone who has worked for political campaigns and supported former Congresswomen Gabby Giffords build her powerhouse network?

In this episode of PowerTalks: Wise Words from Wise Women, Janet Ioli talks to Zoey DeWolf, currently the Director of Government Affairs at Sanofi.

Zoey shares her inspiring leadership journey and offers her ONE simple but powerful and impactful tip on how to build a lasting, quality network.

PowerTalks: A Simple Philosophy for Career Success

In this episode of PowerTalks: Wise Words from Wise Women, Janet talks to Laura Brandao, President & Partner of AFR, one of the top 10 mortgage investment firms in the U.S. Laura talks about her leadership journey and her experience as the “only” woman during her rise to President. She shares a secret philosophy she practices daily that she attributes

PowerTalks: What Women Need to Know About Pursuing Board Positions

With a nationwide push in the United States to increase the number of women holding corporate board positions, there is an uptick in interest from women leaders to learn about corporate board positions. As a female executive—what should you know about what corporate board positions entail and how do you go about pursuing one? In this special episode of PowerTalks: