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Here you’ll find short videos with practical wisdom and executable tips. They serve to educate, inspire, and remind you to be intentional about creating your most powerful leadership presence.

Power Presence in Practice: Leaders Make the First Move

When you get promoted into higher levels of leadership, you may not feel like a different person. What you may not realize, however, is that your title and your role in the organizational hierarchy influences how comfortable others are interacting with you.
In this episode of Power Presence in Practice, Janet Ioli discusses an important point to remember when interacting with others when you are the “boss”.

PowerTalks: Shannon O’Meara Smith

In this new 2022 episode of PowerTalks: Wise Words from Wise Women , Janet Ioli talks with Shannon O’Meara Smith, the Vice-President and Deputy Chief Marketing Officer at Viasat. Shannon

PowerTalks: The Accidental CEO

After a successful career as an attorney, working in an elected public office, and serving under the mayor of Atlanta, Georgia, Stephanie Stuckey, at the age of 53, bought (

PowerTalks: Take a Different Career Path

How do you supercharge your career progression? Laura Craft, Senior Vice-President of Global Strategy & Investment ESG at Heitman shares her unique strategy and how to think “differently” in this


About Me

About Me

I’m Janet Ioli. I have spent over two decades helping powerful people step up and have greater leadership impact. I help you go deep inside yourself, identify and let go of self-defeating behaviors, access a grounded place of power, and develop new habits to MAXIMIZE YOUR IMPACT in the world.


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