One Practice to Increase Your Well-Being

Are you feeling more stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, or even depressed lately?  If you are, you are not alone.  53% of adults in the United States report that their mental health has been negatively impacted due to stress and worry as a result of this current pandemic.  As the pandemic wears on, isolation, job loss or job insecurity, and other such factors are only predicted to worsen the toll on our overall mental health and well-being.  Focusing on nourishing our personal well-being during this time is paramount to maintaining our mental health.

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PowerTalks: Housing Your Soul During Times of Stress

I have the pleasure to have a special guest: Dr. Sylisa Lambert-Woodard on the first episode of my interview series: “ PowerTalks”.

Dr. Lambert-Woodard is a therapist and the CEO of Alliance Therapy Center in Virginia, that offers extensive mental health services. She is also the CEO of Pathway Homes, an organization that provides housing and mental health services for people with severe mental illness.

In this first episode, I talk with Dr.Lambert-Woodard about how this pandemic and “homebound” situation is affecting our mental health.